Simple Colors

This collection features elegant and minimalistic designs.

An ancient Chinese proverb says: The invisible thread, regardless of time, place or circumstance, connects those destined to meet. The thread may stretch or become tangled, but it will never break. If you have found your person, do not be afraid to remind him of this once again. The laconic black design of the star card will be appreciated by the stronger sex and lovers of minimalism. Such a gift will decorate any interior, and on our website you can easily choose a congratulation for any occasion. more action from 25
Line of fate
Line of fate create
Everyone has a guiding star. But in fact, there are many more if you look at the star map! It was created specifically for the birthday man by the date and time of his birth. It will not only decorate the interior, but also help remind you that you are unique. And may the lucky star always be there! more action from 25
Shape Of My Heart
Shape Of My Heart create
The star map will look perfect in a bright interior. The exact location of the stars by place and time is an individual gift to a loved one. more action from 25
Light Interier
Light Interier create

Deep Space

A collection of space designs for the most important moments.

Filled with feelings and emotions, the picture of the starry sky against the backdrop of a raging cosmos is for the most reckless and courageous. more action from 25
Galaxy Storm
Galaxy Storm create
Map of the starry sky. The real location of the stars, exactly the same as it was on that day that you want to remember!
Create an individual star map as a gift or for yourself. For the moment when your heart sank with joy and emotions. Do it right now and get the electronic version for printing on your email or order a finished printed poster with delivery. more action from 25
Stars Awake
Stars Awake create
Great gift for an anniversary or wedding. It will be remembered for many years and will be a wonderful decoration of any interior. more action from 25
Kiss create

Freedom of Nature

A star map against the backdrop of pacifying views of natural nature ideally combines depth and tranquility.

A map of the starry sky against the backdrop of sea sunset will be a wonderful gift on a memorable date. more action from 25
Sunset over the sea
Sunset over the sea create
A star map against the night sky above the sea is the perfect personalized romantic gift for your soul mate. more action from 25
Sea Night
Sea Night create
Jamalungma, Everest, Elbrus, Alps ...
There can only be stars above the mountains.
A star map against the backdrop of a mountain landscape will be a wonderful gift for a loved one on the day of important events. more action from 25
High Mountain
High Mountain create


Star cards with your favorite characters! Gifts and souvenirs with The Simpson, Superman, Mickey Mouse, James Bond, Batman, Darth Vader, Charlie Brown, Fred Flintstone, Rick And Morty, Futurama, Family Guy, South Park, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Bugs Bunny, Disney, Marvel and DC Comics are waiting for you.

Thanksgiving is a good day to get together with the whole family, share a meal, and then all together look at the evening sky. To ensure that loved ones keep their warm feelings from this holiday, give them a map with the exact location of the stars on this day. more action from 25
My Family
My Family create
Greetings with humor from Homer Simpson for your woman complete with a starry sky map. more action from 25
I miss you
I miss you create
Have you or your friends adopted a child from an orphanage in the family? The picture with the starry sky map of this significant day will now remind you of this happy event. more action from 25
These tomboys
These tomboys create

Musical Inspiration

Оформление звёздной карты порой граничит с искусством. Музыка - это то, что нас вдохновляет, музыка трогает сердца. Звёздное небо в музыкальном оформлении станет замечательным и интересным подарком для музыкантов.

Music can be amazing. music can touch hearts. The starry sky for a musician is a gift that will keep the warmest and brightest emotions in memory. more action from 25
Passion for Music
Passion for Music create
If you have a friend who plays the saxophone, then you already know what to give her for the next holiday. Go for it! more action from 25
Bright Soul
Bright Soul create
If you have a guitarist friend, then you already know exactly what to give him on the nearest occasion. Go for it! more action from 25
Master of Strings
Master of Strings create