Star cards with your favorite characters! Gifts and souvenirs with The Simpson, Superman, Mickey Mouse, James Bond, Batman, Darth Vader, Charlie Brown, Fred Flintstone, Rick And Morty, Futurama, Family Guy, South Park, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Bugs Bunny, Disney, Marvel and DC Comics are waiting for you.

Thanksgiving is a good day to get together with the whole family, share a meal, and then all together look at the evening sky. To ensure that loved ones keep their warm feelings from this holiday, give them a map with the exact location of the stars on this day. more action from 25
My Family
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Greetings with humor from Homer Simpson for your woman complete with a starry sky map. more action from 25
I miss you
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Have you or your friends adopted a child from an orphanage in the family? The picture with the starry sky map of this significant day will now remind you of this happy event. more action from 25
These tomboys
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The best joke gift for your nerd brother or friend is a starry birthday card with a quote from the famous cartoon character Rick Sanchez. About love and not only... more action from 25
Love & science
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